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Privacy Policy


At Unicable, we may collect certain information in order to complete your requests. This may include company name, address, phone number, fax number, web site address, contact name, and e-mail addresses. This information would be used for catalog requests and general information requests. When requesting quotations or sample requests, we may request more detailed drawings or specifications.


We save your information to process orders, follow up on orders, quotes, or samples, and to provide you with any changes or updates. Any drawings, specifications, tooling, or confidential information you provide us will be maintained through the life of our business relationship but will be destroyed at any time you request.


Confidentiality and Security

All information is held in strictest confidence and will not be relayed to any unauthorized user. Should it be necessary to involve a third party to quote or produce an order, we will not give out your company name or information without your approval. We are committed to protecting any information you provide us about yourself or your company from disclosure, altercation, destruction or unauthorized use.